Mike Miksche’s Marriage of Convenience, Dirt Cheap Prints

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Mike Miksche’s Marriage of Convenience, Dirt Cheap Prints

A little over a month ago we introduced you to S&M homo and illustrator, Mike Miksche (aka Steve Masters). In the post, “Mike Miksche – Closeted S&M Homo Artist, Almost Lost Forever,” we claimed that this brilliant artist was a closeted homosexual, which caught the attention of one of Mr. Miksche’s acquaintances. A Mr. Curcio wrote in to recommend that we amend our original post:

“I knew him during the years he worked as a designer at Raymond Lowey. He was not closeted but he worked in the Advertising Industry and the Art Directors were all closeted. He was a very wonderful man.”

Mike Miksche

So there you have it, Mr. Miksche wasn’t in fact in the closet, but apparently engaged in a marriage of convenience. In a further development, we found that the advertiser-cum-porn-penster actually contributed to Physique Pictorial. His PP introduction came in Nov. 1961 with these illustrations. Bob Mizer had this to say about the budding illustrator:

“Steve Masters is a brilliant young advertising artist who does physique work just as a hobby. We especially admire his crisp, masculine style, and will be eager to get your reaction to it…”

At the time, full-color prints of Miksche’s work were given out for free with the purchase of a catalog of his color work.

Grand total–$1.25.

So what can we glean from our newfound discoveries? In 1961, you could buy a Mike Miksche print for a mere $1.25. At the same time you might be forced to marry a woman in order to protect your reputation in the workplace.

Conclusion–inflation sucks, but homophobia sucks more.